A Leaking Roof Is a Big Problem

You may need a roof repair in Weatherly & Hazleton, PA

You may need a roof repair in Weatherly & Hazleton, PA

A strong roof is vital to any home or commercial space. If your roof is damaged, it can cause water damage, higher energy bills and pest infestations. ASKON Construction can handle all of your roofing problems. We provide reroofing, roof installation, roof replacement and roof repair services in Weatherly & Hazleton, Pennsylvania. We can work with any type of roof, including flat, shingle and metal. Not sure which material is best for your building? Our team can guide you.
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5 signs that you need roof replacement service

Is it time for your old roof to go? There are multiple signs of a roof that's past its prime. You may need a roof replacement if you notice:

  1. Curling or missing shingles
  2. Dark streaks and stains
  3. Moss and algae growth
  4. Cracked flashing
  5. Damp insulation

Your roof could be on its last legs. Consult an expert from ASKON Construction in Weatherly & Hazleton, Pennsylvania today.

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